Sweet Rims

One day while I was driving through my ‘hood I saw a car with really sweet rims and I thought to myself: if the person driving that car needed to “tighten the belt” financially speaking, would he think to trade in the $10k rims for a more modest pair? That got me wondering, What are the “Sweet Rims” in my life? What are the objects, habits, lifestyles, etc., that I spend an inordinate amount of money on, but aren’t really an integral part of my happiness and values?

I’m convinced that almost everyone has Sweet Rims somewhere in their life. Some are easy to spot: the daily latte ($5 a day = a Sweet Rim worth of money each year) or pack of smokes, or the couple of drinks at a bar every night. Some are harder to spot.

For a time, my Sweet Rims was sporting goods, especially winter sports. But I realized that with the winter season only so long, it’s not even fun trying to keep up with snowboarding and skiing. So I ditched all the snowboard gear* and now I focus just on skiing (biathlon, really).

So what are your Sweet Rims? The default answer is “I don’t have any”…of course the person in that car wouldn’t think of his rims as something worth trading away in order to meet life’s goals.

I challenge you to think long and hard about this. It might be a few small things. If you really can’t think of anything, then I applaud your lifestyle and frugality, and aspire to be more like you!

* Carl Richards relates a similar story in his book The Behavior Gap, where he had so many pairs of skis he couldn’t decide which ones to use. It’s an awesome book which I highly recommend.

Photo from flickr user holeymoon

[This post was originally on my personal blog. I plan to copy a few other relevant posts over in the future]

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