Just-Cash June: Day 1

I’ve already hit a little snag and it’s only the first day. I got a doctor bill from an appointment I had in 2010 (WTF?). I called to see if I could pay cash in person and they said yes. Luckily, the office is walking distance from my work, so it won’t be too far out of the way.

I’d been procrastinating replacing our Brita filter* and I decided today was the day to get it done. Normally, it’s a purchase I’d make on Amazon but today I did something I haven’t done in a long time: I called the stores in my neighborhood to comparison shop over the phone.

The neighborhood grocery store sold them for $13 each, but the drugstore sold a 3-pack for $23. For what it’s worth Amazon sells the 3-Pack for $19.50 + free shipping + no tax.

So I “wasted” $5 by walking to the drugstore, but instead of time spent on the computer (and away from my daughter), I turned the errand into a walk together with her, complete with a side-trip to the playground. Also, I got the filters today and I’m currently enjoying a glass of clean water as I write this. If I’d bought the filter online, it would be a few days before the package arrives.

So far I’m enjoying my little experiment. I taped the credit card pocket of my wallet shut to help me remember to pay with cash. It’s amazing how habitual it becomes to just reach for the debit card.

* Don’t replace your filter every two months just because the company tells you to. Figure out how much water you actually use, and replace the filter every 40 gallons (if you read the fine print, you’ll notice this is the actual replacement recommendation). For our family, it’s every 4 months: we refill the pitcher daily, which holds about 5 cups.  So in 4 months (120 days) we drink 600 cups of water, or around 40 gallons.

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