Bread Machine Update: It’s Good

Quick update on the bread machine loaf: unfortunately, I was out of the house* when the timer went off, so I couldn’t taste it fresh from the “oven.” Though I did try it shortly thereafter, and it’s very good. The flax seeds make for a rich texture. It’s a bit dense, so I’ll add more yeast next time.

Here’s a photo of the loaf. You’ll immediately see that I’m not a food blogger.

Venessa said it’s the best food-thing I’ve ever made, but I can’t take much credit. I just poured some stuff into a machine and pressed Start.

When this loaf is gone, I’m going to try a dairy-free recipe so we can eat it with meat. I’m also excited to try making some pizza dough in the bread machine.

I have to say I’m now a bread machine convert. Just gotta figure out a good place to store it when not in use, it’s a pretty big gadget.

* Ironically, I was volunteering at a soup kitchen.

5 thoughts on “Bread Machine Update: It’s Good”

  1. Pizza dough is a bit more difficult. At least the recipe I used. Richard said it was the best pizza ever, soft dough and seasoned before cooking. I too am a recent bread machine convert. I have not used any dairy in my breads as of yet. I like a recipe called Jo’s rosemary bread recipe, I think. I add garlic powder and other grains to it as well.

    1. What’s your dough recipe? I’m a dough doubter since it proofs so quickly, but I’ll try it out.

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