What’s a “Foundry in the Forest”?

The hardest part of creating anything is giving it a name.  I live in the Pacific Northwest and I love evergreen forests.  When brainstorming a name for the blog, I visualized myself in a mossy green forest, smelling the pine needles and hearing birds. How unexpected it would be to come upon a foundry in the middle of such a rustic setting. It’s operating self-sufficiently, in harmony with nature around it.  That’s how I’m trying to live.  This blog is a little peek into how and why.

A Foundry in the Forest needs to be:

  • Self-sufficient – It’s hard to get raw materials out to the forest, so the foundry needs to make or grow the things it needs to sustain itself.
  • In harmony with nature – A foundry that pollutes or wastes resources will find itself no longer in a forest, but in a dead zone.
  • Productive – What’s the point of building a foundry if not to produce useful goods? Likewise, what’s the pont of Financial Independence if–once reached–isn’t used to make the world a better place?
These are the three visions of my life (and thus of this website).

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