Why “Urban Frugalism”?

In a rural area, you can have inexpensive outbuildings on your property to store 5 years worth of oats and toilet paper, but in the city you have to be much more creative. Urban Frugalism is a lifestyle of thrifty resourcefulness that’s only possible in a big city.

(I’m not sure if I made up the word “frugalism,” but it’s a combination of “frugality” and “pugilism”, since you need to fight for what’s right in your life.)

The Urban Frugalist relies on biking and public transit to get everywhere, which is only possible in an area with urban density. He/she takes advantage of an active used market (namely Craigslist), a well-funded public library and parks department, access to farmers markets, and proximity to other like-minded people.

To be clear, I’m not advocating the city mouse over the country mouse, I’m just writing from the perspective I know best.

Lastly, this isn’t about spending less money or denying yourself. It’s about thinking for yourself and aligning your spending with your values.

6 thoughts on “Why “Urban Frugalism”?”

  1. I love that this ideology is taking a foothold in society. As more of us opt to conserve our resources and make choices based on things we value, I believe, the more lives are improved. Happiness is often lost in the pursuit of things and money, when you strip it all down and figure out what actually makes you happy, life gets much simpler. I wish there had been a happiness survey when I was 16. It could have saved me years of grief and anger.

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