I Forgot My Lunch! Picnic Time

Actual lunch from 2002 backpacking trip

I’m unpacking my bag at work today and I realize I forgot my lunch! I try to limit eating lunch at restaurants to twice a week, usually when the entire company goes out to eat together. I could use up one of my restaurant meals, or I could get creative!

I needed to run an errand at the grocery store near work (a benefit of urban frugalism), so I decided to run it right before lunch and pick up some lunch ingredients as well. I was reminded of the backpacking trip I took across Europe 10 years ago, and how I’d walk into grocery stores and pick up lunch and dinner for the day, hopefully for a couple of euros at most.

So I bypassed the deli counter and grabbed myself a small loaf of organic bread, and a tiny wedge of French goat cheese to go with it. When I got back to the office I got an organic nectarine from the fruit basket. And I always keep a jar of trail mix on my desk to combat the mid-afternoon munchies. So I added a handful of that to the mix.

And that’s the lunch I’m eating as I write to you. It was under $4, mostly organic, and better than most leftovers (unless you live with a professional chef).

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