July Challenge: Give away 100 things

I had so much fun with Just Cash June, I’m going to do another monthly challenge next month: get rid of 100 things in the house by the end of July. Venessa is doing it too, so as a house we’ll be rid of 200 things total.

Cleaning house reduces clutter, and may allow you to move into smaller living quarters or take on a housemate, which will save big bucks. And giving things to charity is a tax deduction, so either way you’re helping yourself and the community.

I cheated and started early, by clearing out some books and other assorted things from my bookshelf:

  • 20 books
  • Exercise band
  • Map of Yellowstone

I have a few other things on the chopping block that I need to find. The basement is a mess, which means there’s a lot of things down there that will go. I’ll make updates throughout the month of July to track my progress.

9 thoughts on “July Challenge: Give away 100 things”

    1. Yay! Let me know how it goes! I’ve already found about 30 things, so I might up the ante. Give away 1,000 things?!

    1. Awesome! Maybe the person who gives away the most things can get a prize: pick any one thing from the 100s of things the rest of us are giving away 🙂

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