Welcome MMM Readers

Welcome MMM readers! This is a blog about urban frugalism written here in Seattle, USA (pictured to the left). Take a look around the site, I think fellow “Mustachians” will find a lot to love. Here’s a bit of background about the blog name.

A confluence of internet things is bringing a nice amount of traffic to my humble blog, from Personal Finance blogger Mr Money Mustache, and his readers. I wrote about him a couple posts ago, and let him know (since I was using his topic ideas after all). In return, he tweeted a link to that post, which brought some of the traffic. As if that wasn’t enough, he linked to his twitter account prominently in a recent blog post, which brought even more traffic here. MMM’s post is about sucking at things, but I’m sure that isn’t related to his opinion of my blog 🙂

Hope a few new Mustachians stick around!

BTW, a post like this is called a “catcher’s mit.”* It’s a way to retain an influx of new traffic. I’ve never had any influx of traffic so I’m new to writing them. I learned the technique from Ramit at I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

* I also added a miniature catcher’s mit to the top of my aforementioned post.

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