Give Away 100 Things: Challenge Update

The month is half over, so let’s see how I’m doing on the July Challenge to give away 100 things. I have to admit that I stretched the definition of “give away” and recycled or threw away a few things that weren’t fit for donation. I thought of it as giving them away to the the earth (hopefully) or landfill (unfortunately).

You can see a photo of the Goodwill run I just made over the weekend. I lost track of the number of items, after packing up two boxes of books, two bags of clothing, two bags of housewares and some other assorted items. I’m going to estimate that this was about 100 things, but this is stuff from both Venessa and me, so we’re only half way done. And this was the easy stuff. The low-hanging fruit, if you will. So we have the second half of the month to dig deep into the corners of our house and find the next 100 things each.

Wish us luck!

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