Follow-up on Personal Health Advocates

I got a follow-up email from Hayley regarding Personal Health Advocates, just thought I’d share what she wrote:

  1. The service is designed for residents of Washington, however we have helped those outside of the state. Our expertise is centered in the Washington market, so our ability to adequately assist out of state clients is more limited, unfortunately. Your readers could always call in and based on where they call from, we could attempt to refer them to services in their area.
  2. There are no qualifications necessary! The service is specifically set up to help freelancers, independent workers, and contract workers navigate complex health care decisions. We also focus on students transitioning into the workforce, elderly transitioning into medicare and retirement, and workers transitioning from employment to unemployment.
  3. We are funded through a variety of sources, including grants, our own historical reserves, and revenue which we generate from providing health insurance navigation services.

Thanks, Hayley! Does anyone have experience getting help from a PHA? Please let me know, and I’ll share your story anonymously.

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