July Challenge Results

Nobody’s perfect, right? Well I must admit that I didn’t exactly succeed in July’s challenge. It was mostly due to poor accounting. I actually have no idea how many things I got rid of last month.

There are a few rooms that I didn’t sort through, namely the play room, which I think would have yielded lots of stuff to give away: board games we haven’t played in years, toys that are broken and/or the children haven’t touched since the last time we moved.

It was a great feeling to take that huge haul to Goodwill in the middle of the month, but I just didn’t make it a priority to do it again later in the month. One lasting change I made was to scrutinize things around the house, especially stuff that’s out of place. I’m more likely to drop a free magazine in the recycle bin, or a stray doodad in the goodwill pile. If I keep this habit up, I think I can get to 100 things at some point.

How’d you do?

PS: Join in the August Challenge to only use 1 gallon of gas!

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