Mitt Romney is a surprisingly frugal guy

This isn’t a post about politics. Vote for whoever you want. This is a post about some of Romney’s frugal habits:

Romney duct-tapes the holes in his gloves, duct-tapes the gap in his campaign bus ventilation system. He rinses and stacks the dishes at the sink before loading the dishwasher after family holiday meals. He picks up his own dry cleaning, pulls his own suitcase, eats at burger joints, counts his change.

While other rich people flaunt their acquisitions, the Romneys tend to flaunt their frugality. When another one of his sons fetched free wood pallets advertised on Craigslist, broke them down and used the discarded rough planks to repanel his “man cave,” his wife proudly chronicled the do-it-yourself project with photos and text on her blog.

I don’t agree with most of his politics, but I’d be glad to have a president who isn’t afraid to “flaunt his frugality.”

6 thoughts on “Mitt Romney is a surprisingly frugal guy”

  1. It would be nice to have someone who understands responsible spending running a government. There is a sidewalk a short distance from my house that runs into a field. When asked why, I was told that if they didn’t spend their whole budget this year, that they would be forced to lower it next year. So they built a sidewalk to no-where instead. Government roads division at it’s finest.

  2. How did Mitt disassemble the things? They are held together by some kind of nail/screw. I have had a pry bar on it, a wedge and an impact hammer and all I do is shatter the (knotty) wood. I tried cutting with a reciprocating saw but I can’t get the metal bits out of the wood to plane it! Have Mitt send us his secret!

    1. I’ve taken apart a few different pallets and found that the materials used to construct them are very inconsistant. I was able to take one apart with the back part of a hammer (used for pulling out nails), but a different one had nails with no heads, so removing them was almost impossible. And you’re right about the poor quality of wood. It’s practically not worth the time it takes to disassemble them, except you get to say “I made this out of a pallet”.

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