Save Bling with Ting

tingEven a well-oiled machine like the Foundry’s finances need some tuning every once in a while.

One big offender in our budget was the mobile phone plan. We were paying $150 a month for 2 phones with data plans. I knew we could do better. Pre-paid plans look cheaper on paper, but I didn’t want the hassle of recharging minutes (or worse, forgetting to recharge and finding my phone out of service).

Ting to the rescue! They run on the Sprint network (so you can bring your Sprint phone over), and use a tiered plan. At the end of every month you only pay for what you used, in terms of minutes, text messages, and megabytes of data. For instance: less than 100 minutes is $3, 100 – 500 minutes is $6, and so on.

You can see the dashboard in the image above (that was my usage for last month), but they also have alerts you can set up. “You’re about to go into the next level of text messages,” for instance.

Here’s the best part: without changing my phone habits much, my phone plan went from $75 (my half of the family plan) to $25! I use Google Voice for long calls (or when I know I’m going to be on hold) and for outgoing text messages. And I’m almost always near a wi-fi signal.

I highly recommend taking a look at Ting to see how much money they’ll save you. Especially if you already have a Sprint phone, since your existing phone will work.

Here’s a promotion code for $25 off:

NB: The links on this post are referral links, that get each of us $25 off. Please click on them! It’s a nice and fully optional way to help out this blog if you choose to do so.

5 thoughts on “Save Bling with Ting”

  1. I switched to Ting a few months ago and so far my bills have been: $32+fees, $29+fees, and this month is on track to be $20+fees! So much better than the $85 with taxes I was paying each month with Sprint for no reduction in service.

    1. Nice! I’ve been in the $20-$25 range since I switched over, but I’m in a wi-fi zone for most of the day (work and home) so I can use that for lots of data, texting, and calling.

      Even better, I’ve averaged almost one referral per month so my actual bill has been close to zero!

      1. I only paid for data the first month (travelling, $3 data plan) and the $29 vs $20 was 1000 minutes instead of 500. I’m working on figuring out less minute intensive ways of calling my parents to keep it at $20/month!

        How are you making wi-fi calls?

        Oh that’s awesome! I used a referral to sign up, which was basically one month free and they covered my ETF with Sprint, so I haven’t really paid a bill yet. I think I’m going to have to pay some taxes in May and then I’ll have used up my free credits.

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