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Just-Cash June: Already had to break out the plastic

A few JCJ updates:

  • After only 3 days, I already had to use my only “get out of jail free” card for the month. I was shopping at the grocery store* for a bottle of bourbon (a gift for the boys’ Cub Scout leader). I thought I collected enough cash from the other parents in the den, but the bottle was more than I thought it would be. Lesson learned, carry a bit of extra cash around.
  • I sent cash in the mail. Only a little, to the room parent for the class teacher gift.
  • I bought gas with cash. It felt like something from the 1950’s. “Fill ‘er up with $4 of the cheap stuff!” (The scooter only takes 1 gallon of gas)

* Readers in Washington State will recognize how weird that sentence was to type.