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Mrs. Foundry gets down to business

Big news in the Foundry family. Mrs. Foundry in the Forest is opening a food cart here in Seattle, along with a friend of hers. It’s called How Pickle Got Out Of A Jam. They’re still working on the menu, but the guiding principle is “food you can eat every day” (as opposed to the standard food truck faire: burgers and BBQ).

She’s been testing out the entrepreneurial waters for the past couple years, as Infamous Pastries, making delicious wedding cakes and other treats for sale. But now she’s taking it up a notch. They’re planning on having a truck running by the end of summer.

They’ve already started the business out on a frugal note, scoring a fixer-upper truck at a bargain price. It’s going to sit on the curb outside our house, where we’ll pour sweat equity into it with every free moment. Even though I’m not officially part of the business, I’m excited to tear that thing apart and spit polish it ’till it shines. Maybe they’ll let me add some sweet rims

You can follow along the adventures on their blog and twitter accounts.

On a more scrumptious note, if you’re in the Seattle area and want to eat an unforgettable meal this summer, check out their pop-up dinner schedule, a series of prix-fixe dinners hosted by the future food cart chefs, to help them hone their menu and food-prep skills. Hope to see you there!