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Should I stay or should I go?

One of the next recurring expenses I’ll be tackling is our crazy $150/month mobile phone bill. We use CREDO Mobile, so I get that warm-fuzzy liberal feeling of supporting a good cause, but it’s not that warm of a feeling. My blog idol, Mr Money Mustache, recently posted a how-to article on getting mobile service for $10 / month, using a prepaid plan.

So I’ve been shopping around for different types of plans, pre-paid and flat-rate. I haven’t made any decisions yet, but I did whip up this little spreadsheet that shows you how many months until you’d “break even” after switching to a cheaper plan. It takes into account the cost of a new phone and any early termination fees. Then it tells you the number of months before you’ll break even on a new plan:


Hope this is useful to other people as well!

Update: Technical Meshugana created a web-based/javascript version of the calculator! No need to load the big Google Spreadsheet page. Check it out:


Maybe there IS such thing as a free lunch?

Since my paid employment involves building websites, I’m always trying out new websites and phone apps (as long as they’re free). With Mrs. Foundry starting up her food truck, I was interested in a mobile payment app called Level Up. It has a cute interface where you dock your phone in the restaurant’s payment system and the dock turns green when the transaction goes through.

I installed it on my phone and forgot about it, since I’m in the middle of Just Cash June. Then I got an email saying a $10 credit was applied to my account, so I figured “what the heck.” I took it for a spin at a nearby pizza place, figuring I could get a couple slices and leave a nice tip, all for under $10. I’m not sure what Level Up’s business model is, giving away $10 to customers, but that’s not my problem.

The transaction was so smooth (and free) I got really happy. Maybe it was the pizza that made me happy. I was so happy, I walked next door to the frozen yogurt place and got a cup of yogurt. The froyo place didn’t have Level Up so I had to pay cash for that. Maybe they’re owned by Level Up, and that’s their business model!

If you’re interested in trying out Level Up, here’s an invite code. We each get $5 if you use it: