It never hurts to ask, Episode 23

Maybe I should rename this blog “Adventures in Asking.” Today, I got another lesson in the benefits of asking for stuff. The Missus and I are taking a trip to Vancouver, BC (frugally of course*) and I realized that I don’t have a credit card that charges no foreign transaction fees. (RIP Schwab cash-back card…pour out some of my tap water for you)

I applied for a Chase card with no foreign transaction fees, and some other cool sign-up bonuses [that’s not an affiliate link]. I got rejected because I also happened to sign up for a credit card last month.

I read about someone who wrote a “reconsideration letter” to his credit card company after getting rejected, so I figured “it can’t hurt to ask.” I copy/pasted that guy’s email pretty much word-for-word into Chase’s “online messaging” system, and what do you know!

We have reconsidered your original request for the Chase
Sapphire Credit Card and are pleased to inform you that
your request has been approved. You should receive your
welcome package in about 2 weeks.

Didn’t even need an envelope or stamp.

So there you go, another episode of “It Never Hurts To Ask.”

PS: I hate credit card companies and I hate big banks. All the more reason to responsibly take advantage of their credit card sign-up bonuses. And then pay them off in full every month or throw them away!

* Taking the train (for which we used a coupon) and staying in a hostel

Replace the “buyer’s high” an “investor’s high”

Replace the “buyer’s high” an “investor’s high”

“The next time you want to buy something, instead consider buying stock in the company that makes it. Rather than buy a Coke, buy a share of Coke stock.”

Of course it’s not exactly that simple (they don’t carry stock shares at the mini-mart), but it’s the sentiment I agree with. Once you realize you have enough, extra income can be put towards investments instead of buying more stuff.